How to start a blog

how to start a blog

Do you want to start a blog in 2022? 

Do you know about a blog? What is blogging and how to start a blog?

First of all, you have to face these questions. You need to know these things because you need to know about blogging in the same way as you get information about it before starting any work.

If you want to start a blog, then there is a reason behind starting a blog that you want to make money from a blog or personal brand or business. 

But today mostly bloggers make a blog for money, maybe you would like the same thing with the help of blogs.

Today we will discuss how to start a blog.

P.S. If you want to make a successful blog, you have patience, self-confidence, and a desire to learn, only then you can make a good blog.

What is Blogging?

Let us provide you with a little information about the blog today. 

Blogging is a process in which you can post your thoughts, feelings on the internet through writing or pictures.

Your thoughts may also be related to your life or some of your loved ones. Just like a scientist posts his formula, or teacher on his math tricks, etc.

Whenever a person starts a blog, he uses a guide as a resource, I did the same. 

I am very happy that you want to start a blog in 2020. Make sure you start a blog because I believe that you have surpassed the millions of people who want to live only in the waiting of the monthly salary and the praise of the boss.

I am not telling you that you do not do the job. My statement means that you can start blogging along with the job, which will be a good source of earning extra income.

You may find yourself in need of blogging anytime during your entire tenure.

Just like if you want to start blogging, you need to know how to start blogging with dedication?

Blogging is more than earning money, if your moto is just to earn money, then you have to be fully dedicated. You have to do a lot of hard work. Only then will you be able to start successful blogging.

I repeat the same thing again and again that any blog requires confidence, patience, perseverance, and surrender. A blogger should work as a trustworthy brand, it is the key to your success.

You have to make your blog so trustworthy that the visitors visit your blog again and again and share your content then you will be called a successful blogger.

Because the visitors are the source of your income, due to which you prepare your informative blog content. You can make your blog as a money making machine. 

If you want to increase your income through blogging, then you have to become an authority blog. For this, you have to brand your name in the digital marketing or blogging community.

You will also need to change or refine your writing style.

You have to change your way, the way of talking, build relation with same business community experts. These are all parts of your working style that can prove to be very helpful for you in blogging.

Is Blogging Boring?

We would like to tell you here that blogging is a boring system. Just as you have to face problems before starting any work, in the same way, you will feel like starting a blog.

In the process that I am going to tell you to start a blog, you will not need a blog expert nor do you spend much to buy a host and domain.

If you want to learn about blogs, then there are two ways in this way, how to blog on WordPress in the first way and how to develop a blog to earn money in the second way.

Today, we also know that If we consider blogging as a business, it will be a source of good income on the Internet.

A blog is quite famous because one blog shares ideas and the other gets updated information.

Today I’ll give you that important information about the blog, which will be very helpful for you.

You must have noticed that there will be many such things on the internet about starting a blog that works to mislead you, but do not be disappointed because you have chosen your right place.

Step 1: Find a Good Profitable Niche

The most important thing in blogging is that you find a niche, it requires a lot of hard work and you also have to make sure that we are doing research on interest and market whether it is right or not.

Blogging is a medium whereby if you try to solve the problems of others, you become a good problem solver as well as get traffic to your blog.

When we come here, we face a question why would all the people like to visit your blog?

Suppose we used to x to solve questions in math, just like you have such special material that no other blogger has. At that time, those people will be smearing any particular answer and you can put a post on it so that the problem of the people can be solved and their specific answer.

Step 2: Find a Good Domain

You can buy a domain name from some companies like –, Namecheap etc. This is because the domain name is the identity of your name.

You need to register the domain name of your choice.

It is being said repeatedly that the domain name should be easy and simple so that the viewer remembers the name and can search it easily.

One more thing in your domain name use .com instead of .in or .org extension.

Do not repeat the labels in the domain name.

Step 3: Choose Best Hosting

You need hosting as soon as you have registered the domain name.

Let me now tell you about hosting, what is hosting and why do we need it?

Hosting is a service that permits any website or domain to be placed on the Internet.

Whenever a new website is created, it is stored and connected to the internet to reach the online world. This is called hosting.

If you want to know from me then I would recommend you host

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I’ll recommend you to take a shared plan for your website because there is not much more traffic on any blog in the beginning and in such a situation If traffic increases then you can upgrade your plan.

This expenditure will be similar to that of paying 3 rooms if 1 room is required.

Step 4: Find Blog Topic Ideas

Quality Informative Content is the most powerful part of blogging. 

If you have mythological content with information, then only you will be able to access the traffic of the search engine or people, otherwise, it will be your misfortune.

I have shared my content with you which is full of informative content so that you dare to make a mark in the blogging world.

In blogging, you will also need to keep your mind open. And there should be new ideas in your mind which are worth considering.

Step 5: Write High Quality Content

If you have noticed yourself, then I had mentioned earlier that you should have such content that can create a panic on your blog.

The intention is to get visitors to read your blog. Your blog post will give them interesting information that will give them motivation.

If this happens, the traffic on your blog will increase as well as the income will also increase.

Having a piece of developing information in each of your content also gives you a different identity in the blogging world.

Step 6: Promotion of Your Blog

Suppose now that your blog content is published, the content given by you in this blog is very informative and useful, but now we will also need to promote it.

Promotion is required to run any blog or business, without promotion you cannot do anything. Today, promoting in this era is in itself ego.

You can promote without spending money through many ways i.e. Social Media, Backlinks, Content submission etc. 

One of my favourite methods to promote a blog is Social Media.

Step 7: Earn Money from your Blog

And the last thing is very much about making money from blogging.

How to earn money through blogging is a common question for newbies.

There are many ways through which you can earn money from your blog. For this, you will have to learn which method is beneficial for your blog.

Here are some popular methods to make money from blogs are Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Brand Promotion etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions are strike in our mind when we want to start a blog, such questions are possible to be asked in general, so let’s know the answers to some such questions –


You have to keep your blog up to date and full of information so that the reader does not get bored with your blog.

The most important thing is that you never hurry to post your blog, make your blog full of quality content and consider that there is no shortage of information in your blog or content.

It is important to check whether the content prepared by you is perfect or not. There is no error in it.

Because your blog or post is moving between the professional people where there should be no scope for the mistake.

In the end, I would like to say that if you have confidence, patience, perseverance, and the ability to concentrate, you can make a successful blog.