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Want To Start Your Own Blog ?

Find a Domain Name

There are so many people who wish to start their own blog, So to start a blog You first need a domain name for your blog, but the majority of people waste so much time on selecting the domain name. I suggest you to select any domain name related to your niche or keyword. That’s  it. There are so many example in this world whose domain names are difficult to remember but they are most popular blogs in the world.

Web Hosting for Blog

There are so many web hosting providers in the market and everyone is need web hosting service to start their own blog. You may start your blog with blogger.com but if you wish to go with WordPress than hosing is must. I used so many web hosting services from free to paid and after using different hosting providers, I find that most of them some different issues with their hosting company. So I recommend you the best web hosting which is SiteGround.