22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic)

If You want to start a blog then niche picking is the most muddle task. As I always tell you that if you want to achieve success in blogging, then you should do deep research and need to work hard and smart.

Today I’m going to explain the 22 best blog niche site ideas that need no content but have a huge traffic. You don’t have to write so much content to get traffic from google.

Will you believe me that there are millions of people who get traffic without SEO without any content, without hard work. 

You have heard it right, many people do not know about SEO as well as writing content.

However, they also earn well from those who know how to write well and also know SEO.

Let’s know how it is possible?

There is no need to write content in the niche where these people work. Nor is there much competition. Those who work in these niches assume that they work at the basic level.

Today I’ll talk about 22 such best niche ideas where you don’t need to write long content.

Let’s start this special topic today, here is the most popular blog niche list where there is no competition. 

List of Best Blog Niche Site Ideas

Do you know what kind of blogs make money without writing any content and getting huge traffic to their blog. Here is the list of niches that will help you to make money on autopilot, so pick any of these niches and start blogging.

1. Banking IFSC Codes

Do you know that India has more than 1.5 lakh bank branches in India? And each of these branches has a different IFSC code. Along with this, there are some codes like MICR, branch code and also which are made separately for each branch.

Do you know what these codes are used for? It is a form of codes that the branch shows which bank is there and which branch in which we have to conduct a transaction.

Let me tell you that every day millions of people use these codes for online transactions. These people like to search for IFSC Code on Google by not going to the bank or not looking at the codes on the passbook.

Do not worry, we are advising you to create a website on this niche. However, there are dozens of websites based on this niche that publish the data related to these codes and their traffic also stays in the millions.

Let us know about these websites:


22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 34

Some examples of these type websites are:

  • Bankcontact.in
  • bankIFSC.com
  • Bank-code.net 
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 35

If you create a website in this niche then it may be a profitable niche for you.

2. Sarkari Naukari: 

If anyone in India questions me about which is the best niche for blogging, then I can quickly get a government job. In this blog niche, you neither have to write any content nor do SEO.

No Content: The content in this below has been fixed, either you have to copy-paste or change a bit, maybe it is too short to write.

No SEO: No SEO means that you have to do on-page SEO which is easy if you want to do off-line SEO, then do this way to pass 10th also.

Monthly Searching of this blog niche site: 

This niche is searched the most in India only. It is the most powerful and best niche.

Let’s see how

Whenever a person applies for a government job in India, they use some of these websites – sarkariresults.com, Freejobalert.com, FresherLIVE.

blog niche site ideas
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 36

There is hardly anyone who is not known about these websites. These websites publish links related to government jobs on-page.

Traffic & Earnings: 

Do you have an idea of ​​how much traffic these websites receive and how much they earn during the month.

Monthly organic traffic of this website is about 12 million or let’s say one crore 20 lakh. It is only coming from organic or Google service, apart from this, there is also traffic like direct, subscription, mail, etc.

sarkariresult.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 37

Combining all these, up to 20 million traffic can be considered.

Monthly organic traffic of this website is about 14 million or let’s say one crore 40 lakh. It is only coming from organic or Google service, apart from this, there is also traffic like direct, subscription, mail, etc.

Combining all these, up to 20 million traffic can be considered.

Including the page view, it is taxed at 6 crores.

3. PNR Status:

The PNR status niche is also the most searched. Its main reason is that more than 2.5 crore people travel by train daily in India. Out of these, lakhs of people get reservations in advance for the journey, yet they do not get a confirmed ticket, their reservation status or RAC or waiting. Millions of such people have to go to the official website of the railway and check their PNR status to know their reservation status.

In such a situation, you need this powerful niche because many websites use the same tool of railways on their website. So that any person can check the status through these websites.

indianrailways.info screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 38

For the same thing, traffic on these websites comes in millions every month.

Even in this niche, you can get good traffic without writing content.

I try to understand you through an example so that you get good information and you can also earn a good income every month.

There are many websites like – railyatri.in

railyatri.in screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 39

railyatri.in has a monthly traffic of about 6.7 million which is organic traffic.

Now we talk about how you can earn by using this best niche and what do you need to make a website?

railenquiry.in screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 40

Domain Name :

It is very important to have PNR status in the domain name of your website. Apart from this, you can also put MY PNR status, your PNR status, quick PNR status, etc. in the domain name.

PNR Check Plugin: 

If you are preparing the PNR status niche then you will need a developer tool. You will find these developer tools on a website like WordPress, Fiverr.


As you are creating a PNR status website for which you may also need a blog section on your website. Suppose if any notification is issued from the railway or PNR status, then you can show it.

On-page SEO: 

You can set keywords on your home page that are used to search PNR status.

Friends PNR status is also a beneficial niche for you. Which provides you traffic without any content and deep SEO.

4. Lyrics

Do you also have a fondness for listening and humming ? If yes, then this is a perfect Niche for you.

Now you will say how can Lyrics be a perfect NICHE?

Many people like to sing. But when those people listen to the song, they do not understand certain words or sentences.

For these people, the need for radioactive lyrics. To fulfill this deficiency, you can make a website using this niche.

In this, listen well to the songs, write it and then upload it on the website. I give you a suggestion, if you cannot understand the lyrics, then there is nothing to worry about, you can copy lyrics from another website containing lyrics.

lyricstranslate.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 41

Whichever new movies are released, the movie’s song lyrics are searched more, but the searching for old song lyrics is also in demand.

Let us discuss about the traffic of some Lyrics website:

There are a lot of websites that get close to a million traffic and the month’s earnings also live in the millions.

  • Lyrics Mid – Traffic of 1.1 million
  • Geeta Manjusa – 3 lakh 16 thousand
  • Hindi tracks – 4 lakh 82 thousand
  • Lyrics India – 2 lakh 69 thousand

These are the websites whose traffic flame has been achieved if you want to see a website with high traffic.

A to z lyrics – 24 million

azlyrics screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 42

Lyrics.com – 7 million

lyrics.com screeshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 43

If you want to join this traffic, do not delay, now make your Lyricus website on this niche.

What is required for a Lyrics website:

Domain:- If you are creating a Lyrics website, then it is very important to have a Lyrics word in your domain name because this word will play an important role in getting traffic.

Content: Hindi and English should always have two versions of the content on the website. So that the reader is comfortable.

Other languages: Apart from Hindi and English, you can also choose other languages ​​for lyrics like Punjabi, Marathi, Urdu, Gujrati, Tamil, Bhojpuri etc.

[Must Read: How to Choose Perfect Niche for Blog]

Resources: The most important thing is that you subscribe to every singer’s lyrics on your website so that as soon as the new song is launched, you get its notification and you can make its lyrics.

I would like you to use this blog niche so that people are entertained by your website.

5. Quotes and Biography

Competition is very much in today’s world, due to which negativity is more found. Many people have to constantly give doses of motivation to move forward.

Due to all this, the channels of motivation on YouTube are increasing a lot. You can also motivate people on YouTube channel with good information.

If you do not want to do it through the channel, then with the help of the blog, you can thicken that too with good quotes. You can also post successful stories, biographies on your blog.

Let us know about some such websites based on this awesome positive niche, which do the work of thick weight through quotes and biography.

  • Your Quotes
  • Saying Images
  • Quote Ambitions
  • Hindi Suvichar
quoteambition.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 44

Now let me tell you about their traffic and SEO, how much traffic and SEO have been achieved.

  • Quote Ambition – Traffic 9 lakh 20 thousand
  • Yourself Quotes – 5 Lakh 24 Thousand
  • YourQuote.in – 3 lakh 77 thousand
  • Hindi Thinking – 3 lakh 30 thousand

If you want to create a website in this niche, then this is the best niche for motivation. This niche is very unique that you can use in blogging.

To create a website in the motivational niche, you have to keep three things in mind.

Domain: You have to use quotes word in your domain which can help to a great extent in ranking your website.

Resources: You can subscribe to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, social web, where people publish quotes, from there you will get good ideas from which you can publish quota on your website.

SEO: Even if you do some On-Page SEO and make some basic Backlinks, it will also be good for you.

6. MP3 & Movie Downloading

This niche is different from the rest of the niche. Downloading MP3 & Movies gets a lot of traffic, for this, you neither need to write content nor SEO.

You can see some MP3 websites are shown below.

freemp3downloads.online screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 45

If you also want to create an MP3 website then you have to keep some things in mind. For example:

Domain: Your domain must contain the keywords mp3, mp3 download, movie download. So that when searching in the search engine, you can get the benefit of it.

Design: You must have an MP3 theme and download a script on your website.

Income: For this, you will have to find other sources also if you want to do income.


  • Freemp3Downloads.online:- It has a traffic of 1.7 million and domain rate is very poor 10.
  • mp3quack.com:- has a traffic of 1.8 million and a very poor domain rate of 7.
mp3quack.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 46

Now you must have understood that by using this niche we can get a better income, that too without any content and SEO.

7. Wishes and Greetings

Now we are going to talk about such a niche by using which we can join both people’s happiness and sorrow.

In a way, from this niche, you can make income in every event like a birthday, anniversary, marriage, or any other wish, then we wish only by giving greetings.

One thing is also worth thinking that some people do not come to write a wish letter or greetings, these people look for a greeting or special letter online.

dgreetings.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 47

If you search on Google, you will find many such websites that publish such special greetings. Let us give you an example of some websites –

  • birthdaywishes.expert
  • dgreetings.com
birthdaywishes.expert screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 48

birthdaywishes.expert traffic is almost all 6 lakhs and domain rate is 44.

Dgreetings.com traffic is around 253,000.

Based on these examples, you must have seen that all these websites are this best niche in wishes and greetings.

8. Commodity Prices

  • What is the price of gold today?
  • What is the price of the euro?
  • What is the price of silver?
  • What is the value of the dollar?

These are all keywords that a person searches several times a month.

For this, you have to create only one website and update the rate of these commodities on that website daily. There are many websites in this niche, on which a lot of traffic is seen.

goldpriceindia.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 49
  • Goldpriceindia.com
  • Goldsrate.com
  • WorldForexrate.com

Let us know about all these website traffic.

  • Goldprisindia.com has traffic of around 1 lakh and the domain rate is only 14.
  • Goldsrate.com has a traffic of 19 thousand and a domain rate of 0.
  • DollarRupee.in traffic is above 6 lakhs and domain rate is average.
Goldsrate.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 50

I hope you guys have understood how you can open the source of income by making a website of your commodity rates and using it a little bit.

9. Coupon and Deals

Now the niche I am going to tell you something, very special.

Whenever you go through an online website or recharge or money transfer to a website like Paytm, you are issued a discount coupon. Or say that you are tempted.

If you look in the market, many websites work to provide you coupons.

If you search about these websites then you will also know about their traffic that they are getting traffic in the millions without any content and SEO.

Let’s know about some such websites –

coupondunia.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 51

Coupondunia.in has a traffic of 1.4 million and has a domain rate of 64.

The most important thing is you will not need to put Google Adsense on these websites. Because with these websites, Affiliate marketing is a great source of income.

This is also the best niche site idea for you.

To work on this hottest niche, some points need to be kept in mind which are –

  1. Must keep coupon keywords in 1 domain. If these keywords are not found, then you can use keywords like offers or deals.
  2. You have to use coupon plugins and themes, If you’re using wordpress.
  3. In this, you will have to pay a little more attention to SEO.

You have to fast track the deals and offers of every merchant. And you have to update your website first so that you can take advantage of it.

10. High Volume keywords

Friends, I do not understand the name of this niche, yet I will tell you about this niche. After understanding, you will give me a glimpse of what the name of this niche can be. To understand this niche, we resort to the example.

There is a website hindime.net whose traffic is more than 8.4 million and the keyword rating is more than 127k.

hindime.net screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 52

What could be the reason that this website is getting so much traffic and those are these keywords?

Let us know about these keywords – TamilRockers, MovIerulz, Sarkari Results.

sarkari result keyword list
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 53

Its top keyword is the Sarkari result. The volume monthly of this keyword is more than 10 million.

If you want to work on this niche, then you have to target keywords that are searched in millions.

11. News Websites

According to a survey, every viewer spends 4 hours watching TV. The largest part of this time is spent watching the news.

Do you know as many online news channels are as online news websites.
For example:

  • NDTV,
  • Times of India,
  • Yahoo,
  • Google News,
  • India Today

These are websites where traffic comes in millions and billions. Apart from these major websites, there are some websites in which people like you and me run and gain traffic in millions.

The following are some of the websites –

22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 54
  • Naiduniya.com traffic 2 lakh 33 thousand, domain rate 59
  • Haribhoomi.com traffic is 3 lakh 9 thousand, domain rate 48
  • Sumanasa.com has the traffic of 525K while the domain rate is 36.

If you also like to work on this niche, then you have to take care of some of the following things to make a website –

  • Create a domain that uses a news keyword or a keyword that appears to be a news channel.
  • Whenever you hear the news, you should post the important news that you find in that news on your website in your own words.
  • Your website should have at least 5 news publications daily.
  • You must submit your news website to Google News Publisher Center.

If your website is approved, you may get more traffic. You don’t need to publish only the news coming on TV, you can publish relative news from any article or title.

Basic SEO will work for this, you do not need much on-page or off-page.

12 Essay & Speeches

Essay & Speeches is also the perfect niche. Essay writing is a very important part of the school education system and not just schools, Essay writing is important for growth of career.

If you will see that there are a lot of searches on the internet for different access. Such as Essay on Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, or Essay on Save the Water and Trees.

Let us know about some websites that publish content on Essay Writing.

  • IndiaCelebrating.com has organic traffic of 1.1M and domain rate is 53. Its backlinks are 24.3K and keywords 198K.
  • ShareYourEssays.com traffic is 190K, backlinks are 33.8K, and domain rate is 39.

If you make a website in this niche and publish essays or speeches, then you can get a good profit.

13 Shayari & Poems

Do you know Shayari and poems is also a tremendous niche on which you can earn millions by publishing good poems and Shayari. Let us know about this niche.

As you know that India has a population of 125 crores.

Out of this population, there are millions of people who are fond of writing and reading poetry and poems. For these people, you can make a Shayari website.

You can also get a lot of traffic on the website of Shayari like some Shayari websites have been given information –

22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 55
  • Shayrify
  • Trueshayri
  • Lovesove.com
  • PoetryTadka

You can see that the Shayari and Poetry niche is also very potent.

If you want to create a website on the niche of Poetry and Poem then you have to purchase such a domain using the keyword Shayari & Poem.

You have to prefer books for poetry on your website.

13 Train Inquiry

As I mentioned earlier, India is a country with a population of 125 crores. Some parts of this population or to say that 2.5 crore people travel by train daily and do a lot of inquiries.

As you can see in the information given below.

erail.in screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 56

If you take a look at the traffic, erail.in has 2.9M traffic. While IndianRailways.Info has a traffic of 1.4M.

Train running status takes this niche only. Millions of people have searched this keyword and is the top most keyword.

indianrailways.info screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 57

NTES (National Train Inquiry System) this keyword has also been searched by around 1.5 million people. Which is second in the searched keyword list.

Many other keywords are searched in millions like – PNR status, IRCTC, Live train status, Live status, Train status, Spot your train, RailYatri, Train inquiry, etc.

You can easily rank this niche. You too can earn millions by creating a website on this below.

14. Holidays Calendar

Friends’ holiday calendar is also a very good niche and traffic is in millions.

You can also create a website in which you can write about the events of every day of the calendar. You can either write it about India or cover other countries as well.

calenderlabs.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 58

Mostly you can write about holidays and others where there are no holidays, you can also cover them in your website.

You can refer to these websites for more information. like –

calender-365.com screeenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 59

The traffic of calender365.com is close to 2 million, calenderbs.com has a traffic of 1.4 million.

15. Event Blogging

As far as I understand you all know that India is a country of festivals.

There are many festivals in our country throughout the year such as Diwali, Holi, Makar Sakranti, Lohri, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, and many other events.

So here is a special kind of niche for you which we know by the name of event blogging. You can use this niche for any of your events and blogging the event on your blog.

birthdaywishes.expert screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 60

Not only this, you can create an event blog on any holidays, festivals, marriages, parties, Children Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, etc.

One specialty of event blogging is that they are able to get good traffic by ranking quickly in a short time.

16. Wallpaper Download

Wallpaper can be considered as a comforting niche for not only India but the whole world. Wallpaper downloads are searched in millions not only in India but also in All Over the World.

If you search, you will find many websites that work on this niche and get traffic in the millions.

These websites publish different types of wallpapers that are available for download.

If we see some traffic on these websites –

Wallpaperaccess.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 61

Wallpaperaccess.com has a traffic of 1.3 million.

From the above example, you must have seen how huge traffic is received on the wallpapers website.

If you also create a website like this, then you too can get the benefit of traffic and income.

To create a website on this niche, use the wallpaper keyword in the domain name.

17. Hindi Blogs/Regional Language Blogs

Hindi Blogs / Regional Language Blogs are very potent in the niche. Google Motivates people to write a blog in Hindi or their mother tongue.

After doing my research, I have analyzed that there is a lot of lack of blogs in good Hindi or regional languages, whereas there is a lot of demand in the market for content that is in Hindi or regional languages.

If you can start a blog in Hindi, then you can make a very good income.

If you put knowledgeable content in Hindi in your own words and put it on your site, then both traffic and income will be huge.

Let me tell you about some blogs – hindime.net has 8.4M traffic.

hindime.net screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 62
  • Hindi literature – about 350K,
  • Hindisoch has a traffic of 332K.
  • Tamil has a traffic of 212K.

You need only three things to blog in Hindi or Regional Language.

  1. You can also blog with the idea from the content that is ranking well in English language.
  2. You should do keyword research and optimize your content according to its ranking.
  3. Even if you make a basic type of backlinks, you can still bring good traffic.

18. Online Banking

There are many banks in India and according to me, all the banks provide the facility of net banking.

Every bank has crores of customers in India. All these customers search from Google for online banking with keywords like “SBI Net Banking.”

Let me tell you some of the keywords below which are searched in Almost Google.

  • SBI Net Banking – 9.3M
  • ICICI Net Banking – 4.9 M
  • HDFC Net Banking – 2.6M
  • PNB Net Banking – 1.7M

You will see how much potential is there in the net banking niche.

You can also create your own blog on this niche of net banking. Which can get you traffic in millions or say that you can prepare content using this niche?

19. Customer Care Number

There is one big brand in India that you use products like Samsung Mobile, Airtel, Jio, HDFC, Bajaj, Flipkart, MI, etc.

When you have problems with the service of these brands, then you go to Google and search their customer care number or helpline number. Therefore, this lower also has many arches.

Indiacustomercare.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 63
  • Indiacustomercare.com has 677K traffic.
  • Customercare.com received 260K traffic.
  • Customerhelplinenumber.com got 113K traffic.

This is also a very popular Niche on which you can get good traffic and income by creating a website.

20. Apps & Websites

This niche is also very popular, we also know it by the name of apps and websites.

Android and iOS have millions of apps. People either search in ios or in google’s play store to download any of you.

apkmirror.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 64

This is a very potential niche if you make a website on it.

Similarly, there are millions of blogs or websites related to the world or related to different businesses. You can post a list of articles in this niche such as Top 10 Lifestyle Blog, 20 Best Motivational Blogs, Top 10 Real-estate Blogs.

apkpure.com screenshot
22 Best Blog Niche Site Ideas (No Content, Huge Traffic) 65

To understand both these apps and the website below, let us look at some examples.

App store has 376M pass traffic which is highly ranked.

21. Broadband & Recharges

Now we will talk about the Broadband Plans and Recharges niche. There is also a lot of searching for this niche. And for this, content is also easily found.

You can write about different broadband plans or different recharge plans. You can add content about mobile or DTH recharge on your website.

Here you can easily do one thing by opening Paytm’s website, create a website on all the options you are seeing in it and can write content on them.

This can give you a lot of traffic.

22. Places in India

To work on this below, you can create a website where you can write about different places or cities such as Top MBA Colleges in India, Best Hospital in Mumbai, Top Deals in Chandni Chowk Delhi.

If you do a little research in this niche, then you can make a passive income and get success quite well.


Friends, I hope you have liked all these niches. If you want to work on any of these niches then keep these tips in mind.

Your main keywords should be in domains like – Sarkari Naukri, Essay, Wishes, IFSC Code.

You have to pay attention to the design and post format of your website as it can give you more traffic. And also the page will have to be improved.

The more you post on your website, the more boost you will get from Google. You should constantly try to post more than your competitor.

You need to focus on the on-page of your website. And try to make the URL a little shorter. Make easy backlinks so that you don’t have problems. Basic backlinks work in all these types of niches. 

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