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Hello, friends Today I have brought for you people how to prepare the outline a blog post.


Here, our outline means to decorate any content to be attractive. With which you can make your content even more interesting and full of quality.

I have been blogging for many years and I found that some people who have been blogging quite a while or can even say that those people who have become old on the blog are also well-prepared blog posts properly Are unable to do.


If I ask you, do you have all the blog posts that are considered half-cooked right now? I am discussing with you about those blog posts which were written very enthusiastically in your beginning as if you have a huge store of knowledge.


 And now you have a drought like idea. Or you can also say that your knowledge store seems empty. Like you don’t have words for a blog post.


Are you also included in those bloggers or people who keep tabs and bounce like a drunken monkey while writing a blog?


Now I try to understand by giving you my example –


When I started blogging, I used to write blog posts without any framework or structure. I had no sense to write, just as I wished or just came to mind, just wrote.


But such a blog post neither receives traffic nor is liked. Moreover, your visitors also start going away from you.


Then I researched that something is going wrong, which I am suffering. This brought me the way of blog post which suggested me to prepare the outline of the blog post.


And I also realized that without research, outline, writing, your brain will not be able to create fluency to write. These three things are very important for your brain.


I sincerely hope that as soon as you understand that your content is incomplete without the outline. Without an outline, your blog post has no value.


The outline of any blog post consists of two steps –

1 research

2 creations


Today we will learn about these two steps in detail in this post –

Word count for each section


Here I would like to discuss one more point with you that if you want your blog post to be more attractive and relevant, then you should think to count the word in every section made in your post.


If you have a keyword in any section or section in a blog post that is working with all your points. And if that keyword is more important to you, then you can point out that keyword.


Or you can also assign that keyword to a higher word count.If you do this then it can be helpful in helping you to increase your ranking.

1. Define your Goal​

define your goal

Every part of the content you are writing should be targeted by you. If you want Visitor to arrive at the top of your funnel, and the products you are promoting are ready to buy Visitor.


Whenever you write a blog post, you must have this question in your mind or your goal should be that what can or will I get from this post.


If we believe that you are posting a blog on losing weight, then you will write in such a way that


The material we are talking about is paleo which helps in reducing the weight of overweight people by about 20 lbs.



2. Topical Research


In this step, we will talk about the research that the main keyword in our blog post, LSI keywords also have an important role, because of this it makes it easier for our blog post to take rankings, just you have to target these keywords.

You can search these keywords in Google on which topics and topics you have to create a blog. Whether Topics can get ranking or not.

I would suggest you to do a blog post with a keyword that you have less competition with. And you also get good ranking so that you can create a good outline for a blog post.

I want you to have a list of targeted keywords by the end of this article so that you will be able to make your blog post in the ranking.

3. Make a list Questions to Answer

Make a list Questions to Answer

In this step, you have to make a list of questions asked by you, which are often asked by visitors.

Whenever you post a blog, you are questioned and you have to answer them, so you should prepare a list in advance that you feel that these questions can be asked in my blog post.

There is also an option for you that with the help of Google you can improve keywords with words like what, why in your blog post.

It is possible that you do not get so much searching for these questions, for that you do not need to be disappointed nor did I lose. 

4. Just be patient

Just be patient.

If search is not coming much, then is there a possibility of joint search more, which helps you to prepare the outline of your blog post.

I recommend that whenever you post a blog for 1000 words, you must choose at least 10 questions for them, which are very important for your blog post.It is possible that the explorer can find the solution to his problem in these questions.

From this stage, it comes to light that whatever article you are writing is making your work easier, what information you have in the minds of the visitors, they should get this content.

Analysis of top 7 Pages

Outline a Blog Post

Now I have a question with you, would you like to be ranked in the 7th top ranking of the web?As far as I am thinking, your answer will be yes. 


There is hardly any blogger who does not want to be included in the top 4 rankings of the web. But for this, you need to analyse.For this, you have to analyse Google with your seed keywords, so that you can come in the top ranking.


You have to focus on five such things in your competitor’s blog or focus on the deficiencies that are not in their blog posts.


 And you could learn from them that there is no shortage of blog posts.

Paste the Essentials

How to Outline a Blog Post 1024x536

Now it is time to make documents.As soon as you prepare the list, you have to create an option and get the sub-list for which you have to take the help of the tab button on your keyboard. 


Now as soon as you press the tab, the sub-list will be ready on the list. Now you need to consider how to paste whatever research you have done to get into your top.


Article goal


word count


Key Keywords and LSI Keywords


Target audience and their intentions


List of pain problems you are solving


Now you paste them all because you need these to prepare the outline of the blog post.

Outline the introduction


You need to include in your blog post all the problems that people are facing such as their anxiety, intention and their points that you can include in your introduction.


Because any blog post shows its introduction. Introduction is the only source that only after reading, what is special in this post which is making it better. 


You have to make the introduction a spark for your blog post, which the reader will eagerly read your post after reading.If you want to learn from me then you don’t need to do much, just scroll the page with your mouse and see the introduction of this post.


You have to give full confidence to the audience or the readers. Your blog post is the solution to their problems.


 And you have to attract their attention more so that the visitors can get more posts on your post.

Prepare Great Subheadings

How to Outline a Blog Post 1024x536

This step is to give your blog post a form that will make your post look more attractive.For this, you have to give heading and subheading in your blog post. And keep those subheadings in order. 


Because keeping subheadings in order will only work better for your blog post.In this, you have to first write the writing and put everything else inside the modelling.


If I tell you that after doing all this you may need to prepare the outline according to the sub coding to get into the top rank.

Outline the points for each subheading

points for subheadings

Once you set the subheadings, you will not have any problem in preparing the content inside them. You can easily prepare or write the material inside.


After this, it is the turn to work to prepare the outline of your blog posts so far – like document research, questioning, intents, competitive analysis, all of them have been merged and there is no exemption for them. 


There should be no shortage in your blog post.

 I am asking you to focus on the same thing every time that you have to choose the questions which are related to audience problems.


These are the questions you have asked to give a creative look to your blog. And those questions always help to clarify the quality.

Conclusion Outline a Blog Post

How to Outline a Blog Post 1024x536

The main point of any article or blog post is its conclusion.

 As the name suggests, the squeeze of any content or thing. At the end of any article, you should conclude. 


Because there are many readers who find out about the content only by looking at the conclusion whether the content should be read or not.


In conclusion, I also suggest you to include the author, which is very important.


Just as we have to introduce in the article, the same conclusion.

You should include in your conclusion that you must ask to buy any product and share the blog.

Word count for each section

word count

Word count for each section


Here I would like to discuss one more point with you that if you want your blog post to be more attractive and relevant, then you should think to count the word in every section made in your post.


If you have a keyword in any section or section in a blog post that is working with all your points. And if that keyword is more important to you, then you can point out that keyword.


Or you can also assign that keyword to a higher word count.If you do this then it can be helpful in helping you to increase your ranking.

Structure Reorder’s

How to Outline a Blog Post 1024X536

When you have prepared the outline of your blog post, you should check out once more before posting the blog whether your blog post is suitable for the readers or not?


Is your blog post organized according to readers? We do not need to change or add to this.


And one thing, you should keep every section in your blog post in such a way that your blog post gets interesting while reading below. And even if the reader wishes, he cannot remove from your post.

Check Topical Alignment


Check your blog post once again to see if the content of your blog post is outlined?


 Is there any content that does not fit the outline of your blog post?


If you feel or feel this, then you should work to remove or change the content so that you do not have a problem in ranking after publishing the post.


Whenever you are preparing the outline of a blog post, you have to work closely because you have a lot to lose and only your hard work to get in the ranking.

Wrap Up


We should not take the outline of a blog post lightly, because it is a process whereby, we can know or be able to know the quality of our content. When you work to prepare the outline of the blog post.


in the beginning, you will find this process very strange and you will not even get interested to do it, but once you make it good then it will become very easy for you. Like they say that this work is easier than my little finger.


If you believe in me then I am not giving you any wrong advice, if you create content using it, then you are probably saving a lot of time and also your blog can be of high quality. 


And maybe you also get ranking in the search engine. You tie the knot that whenever you outsource the blog post, you will also pay attention to the outline.


I presented this article to you with all my hope that it will help you in preparing the outline of your blog post. So that your content can be of high quality.


If you have any type of query, you can comment or take advice from me or join me. I am always there to help you.


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