82 Proven Ways to Make Money With Your Blog in 2021

Blogging is like a gift in which you get a cash gift in your account. You want to know ways to make money by blogging and you are not finding unique ways to earn money from blogging while you are active in searching for them. 

I will just inform you that from today your search has finished because I have brought here a list of 89 such confirmed methods that can monetize your blogging career without the help of any niche.

If you are thinking about making specific tactics for blogging as well and you are having difficulties in doing it, then be inspired because I have also kept in mind the strategy in my article i.e. blog which proved to be very profitable for you today. 

If you want to earn more money by blogging and what are the methods or options of blogging to earn money? Read further to know.

To do this, we have many options i.e. Land, go inside for more information.

My Tailored Ways to Make-Money Tactics

Before I give you some more information, I want to first make you informed of the most powerful ways that help me to earn money in my blogging which according to me, comes in the top ranking.

 I will give you the same methods that I have used before.

Table of Contents

1. Affiliate Marketing:

82 Proven Ways to Make Money With Your Blog in 2021

Older readers on my blog who have been around for a long time reading my blog must know that I have always considered affiliate marketing to be a special and smooth alternative to core blog monetization tactics.

Whenever you work to sell the product of another company through your blog, you are called an affiliate marketer for that company. 

And every sale that you made through your website, you will get a huge commission as an affiliate marketer, which we can also call your earnings.

It is also necessary for them, they have already affiliated marketers and are selling products of a company. There are some new and better options for them too, such as -coupled offers, writing in product reviews, adding in-text links to guides, etc.

2. Selling Information Products:

With the help of affiliate marketing, you cannot create official recognition of your brand. And if you want to break your niche, then you have to evolve a branded product of your company which will help you in this act.

You can use some ideas to evolve your brand like -e-books, pad podcasts, etc. You require these resources to evolve an online course.

3. Offering Services: 

If you are administering your blog, then you will have so much talent so that you can achieve your goal by helping other brands. And it depends only on how much talent you have inside.

Suppose you are very skillful in social media marketing i.e. you have good arts in social media marketing then you can help the brand in social media executives campaigns.

You can also provide other attractive offers. Such as graphics, WordPress development, and content editing, etc.

4. Being a Consultant for Hire: 

Online consultations on your blogging website are also a great source of income. If you are blogging as an online consultant then you will be granting information to your readers.

You can advise them for any task but your consultation should always be appropriate for the readers.

So, according to their purpose, demand, and whatever resources are available with them, give them the right advice.

5. Creating a YouTube Channel:

82 Proven Ways to Make Money With Your Blog in 2021

If you want to earn good money from blogging, then the YouTube channel is the best option for you.

Whenever you create a YouTube channel, do take the help of your blog as it can vindicate more useful for you.

If you do not know, then for your information, let us know that whenever we watch videos on YouTube, ads come in between which YouTube or YouTube channel creators make money and that too easily.

They link ads with these videos, such as your product or other company’s product to do affiliate marketing. If you are not getting any ideas, then you can get on YouTube channel’s big celebrity SnuVerma. 

Direct Website Monetization Strategies:

6. Write a Sponsored Post:

If it is possible to monetize sponsored videos on your YouTube channel, then you can earn money by posting sponsors on those websites which are receiving your highest traffic.

With this help, you connect those prospective customers with your own or a company’s brand.

What kind of material you want to write for this post is your sponsor and depending on you? You can post it either as a piece of news or as a review.

If you are looking for a sponsor, then you should search on platforms like PayPerPost and SocialSpark, you are the best platform where you can find your potential sponsor.

7. Publishing of Advertisement:

If you want to Encourage how to promote any company or your product, then the best option for that would be the Publishing of Advertising as a sponsored post for product promotion.

Whenever you create an advertisement for a product, remember that in the advertisement, keep 70-80% of the content related to the subject and 30-20% of the content related to the product. 

You must also note that your post is an advertisement. In this, you need to use “Nofollow” for the link.

However, some companies insist on including “do follow” links and you should make it clear in advance whether to use “no follow” or “do follow” links.

8. Sell Physical Products: 

Some bloggers in the blogging world make their blogging website a digital platform, through which they work to promote the manufactured goods with their own hands.

If you want to sell your product, then you have a lot of work that is left. You already know that web traffic acts as a key that you need to adopt strategies like social media marketing, SEO, and advertising.

9. Promote Your Local Establishment: 

You can also start a blog for your local establishment i.e., a small business, whose main goal is to find or attract customers for that establishment.

But this will apparently not be such an easy task as it seems. For this, you have to choose keywords carefully. And hyper-targeting your ads is also important.

Along with this, you should know the address, contact information, and location of your company for which you are writing a blog.

That is, after searching on Google, the company appears at its right location so that no problem is created in searching for customers. Also, do not forget to plug in the details of Google My Business.

10. Promoting Offline Services: 

You can also use blogging to promote any of your offline work.

Suppose you work as a photographer, designer, or wedding/event planner, then you can also write or blog to promote them.

11. Publish Gated Content: 

If you have not been able to manage traffic lanes on your blog for a long time and traffic is in a steady number then you need to shift your focus towards premium content.

Blogosphere is a form of gated content that only a single blog member is eligible to pay.

Whomever a WordPress user is, they can make it easier by creating monetized content and monetizing and installing subscription plugins with content-restricted features.

12. Creating Job Boards:

You must have noticed that there are many online Employment Websites on the Internet such as Freejobalert.com, Sarkarinaukari.com, and many more.

Job boards are very common on these websites. They may also have popular job boards like freelance writing jobs, this is not entirely possible.

Freelance Writing Jobs – Job Board

Job board work is an online tool to find all types of jobs where you get any job notification or website link. Employers will be active to post their job notifications or job only when good traffic continues to be received on your website.

13. Asking for Donations: 

Staying ahead and asking for contributions is the best way to monetize your blog. If you want to learn it then read further:

If you want to work with it, for this you need loyal readers who enjoy the content you post and read and evaluate your blog. You can

bring into operation these monetization tactics on your blog in Minto for which you should not wait.

If you prefer to work on this option, then a payment gateway like PayPal is always ready to join you and you can mark the donate button on your blog, for this you will not need any kind of coding.

14. Sell Your Shirts: 

Untitled design 3

Do you have any or any kind of physical product to sell?

For this, you do not have to worry that platforms like Zazzle and CafePress help you to design and sell their product i.e. branded goods, in which you can also promote yours or their product.

Products designed by you may include shirts, pillows, mugs, hats, and stickers.

15. Sell Branded Phone, Tablet, Laptop, or Cases:

Today is the time in which every person uses a smart device. If you want to sell products in custom cases, you can use the Casetify website for this. On this website, you can design and sell your gadget. 

Here you can use the iPhone, MacBook, iPad, or other products of a company. And when it comes to production and shipping, you will not have to do anything for it, Casetify will do all this work. 

You just have to focus on promoting some unique designs and other channels including your blog.

16. Create a Paid Business Directory on Your Website:

You can also earn money from blogging through paid business listings like real estate, event planning business, etc.

If you create a business directory, then there is a platform for online users where they can easily search for the product or service provider on your directory.

This simply means that between the owner of the blog and the website, your role is only as a middleman.

If you too are thinking of starting this kind of business then you need to focus on the GeoDirectory plugin.

17. Monetize and Event Calendar: 

Making money by monetizing the event calendar is also comparable to creating a paid business directory.

However, there are variations between the two that when you create a business directory, you have to give the business address and contact information, while in the event calendar you give the date and place to the user.

Traffic on your blog is important because traffic determines how much you can earn and perform, so try to get maximum traffic to your blog.

The traffic on your blog will determine how many users you can bring. For this, you will need a plugin like an Event Calendar.

18. Offer Sidebar Links for Rent: 

You can easily earn money by selling sidebar links, but your blog requires you to be strong with SEO standings.

The sidebars you see on your website are mostly giving exposure, so you have to charge more for linking.

According to my, it would be better to do this on an annual or monthly basis to make space for other links in the future.

19. Sell Links Within Posts: 

One of the best ways to make money from blogging is that you can also sell links in your blogging post which you are publishing, but to do this you need to be more careful.

Your outbound link should be such that it is valuable and relevant.

You also have to take care of this so that your luck is not pushed too much. You should add as many links to your blog post that are smooth and important.

Do not add all links to posts. So that links can be added to subsequent posts as well. And Google’s Tos is considered a grey area.

20. Create a “Buy and Sell” Section on Your Website: 

With the use of a directory plugin and some creativity, you can also create a buy and sell section on your blog, such as a BePro listing. This is a website that allows its viewers to do listings to buy and sell.

If you want to post a listing on your site or post, you will have to pay a small fee for this. As soon as you pay a fee, you can earn money from it.

In this, you get the best option that if you use your viewers to post for free, then your listing keeps on boosting.

21. Host Online Auction: 

Another great option to earn money from blogging is a little different from buying and selling market place on your website. Because hosting an online auction is a better option.

Its specialty is that the price of the product sold in it is often more than the face value. This is possible because the auction is sold in a short time to the highest bidder.

Now the point is, how can it be monetized? Monetizing it is not such a difficult task as you can charge it from the seller for every single blog post or sale of yours. It depends on whom you want to go to or what option you choose..

22. Try Dropshipping: 

First of all, I ask you a question, would you like to try yourself or your hand in e-commerce?

 If yes then you can earn well by starting dropshipping in e-commerce and it is also an easy way.

Dropshipping is a type of business model that is concerned with online business and in dropshipping business, anyone can purchase products without selling them, selling them to customers at high prices and making profits. 

If dropshipping is understood in more simple terms when a customer places an order for a product online, then the dropshipping company sends the order to that retailer and that retailer sends the product directly to the customer.

23. Sell Subscription Boxes:

In this member-based service, customers periodically ask for a niche product in exchange for a fee. Such as – Loot Crate, Dollar Shave Club, and Blue Apron.

The profit in the subscription box business depends on you. If you want to enter it, then you can easily enter it because the barriers are very less. It also costs less and is fun to work with.

24. Make Money on WordPress with WooCommerce:

WooCommerce developed by WordPress is software-based on open-source and e-commerce software.

At present, it is a platform where you can sell any type of product such as both physical and virtual products.

 If you have a passion for selling along with resources, then you can also do it to make a complete e-commerce business. This involves payment processing, shipping, store management, and analytics.

25. Sweeten Your Deals with Coupons: 

By offering coupons, you can make your online business more creative and promote, and along with it, your product can also be sold in large numbers.

Whenever a customer buys from a market or online market, he thinks that I want to spend the least, that is, I want to save money.

And if you provide a discount coupon to those customers, then the customer gets attracted to himself that I have to purchase from that site.

Are you looking to use coupons with affiliate marketing? Check the affiliate programs of sites like Coupon.com that may prove to be appropriate for you.

26. Create a “My Toolbox” Page with Affiliate Products: 

If you want my product to perform more on the site, then you need to insist on creating the My Tool option on your blog. This is the resource page on your blog that works for your customers to roundup their products.

Things to keep in mind when writing this –

Ensuring that the information on the page is complete and complete so that SEO optimization can be done. Disclose that all the links given on the page are affiliate links.

27. Sales of Products on Blogs with Chatbots:

For busy bloggers, unanswered product, or service queries – be it via email or direct messaging – are huge opportunities.

The biggest feature of chatbots is how easily they build today. With the Landbot.io tool, you can place AI-powered chatbots on your site without ever using code. By creating your chatbot, you can automate responses for your visitors.


Whenever you search on Google how to earn money from a blog? Probably this is seen through advertisements.

If you create a list of monetization without it, I would probably say that it is impossible. Below I have mentioned some ways by which you can earn a lot of money by advertising.

28. Relevant Ads with Google AdSense:

Google AdSense can be considered the largest advertising network on earth because it can be launched with relevant ads.

Relevant advertising means that the product being promoted is consumed along with its related content. These ads can appear on a website, search engine result page, and video.

29. Sell Advertising Space on Your Website:

Advertising spaces are rented to monetize the blog with ads. These display ads are also called “flat-fee advertisements”.

You can invite brands to advertise on your blogging website, for this, make a link or page of ‘Advertise here’ on the page of your blog. If you want to reach advertisers, you may have to connect to websites like BuySellAds.

30. Advertising Cost Per Ad with Other Ad Networks:

If your blog is full of thousands of visitors, you can demand “cost per mill” or CPM ads. You earn money from a CPM campaign whenever one of your ads appears 1,000 or more times.

It has nothing to do with whether your ad is giving click-throughs, sales, or leads. When your ad is shown a thousand times on your site, you have become entitled to payment, that is, you will get the payment.

Advertising networks such as Hilltop Ads and Conversant Media help you display ads.

31. Use Monetized Widgets:

If you want to advertise with affiliate marketing then you need to take the help of monetized widgets.

For example, Amazon Associates can integrate responsive widgets to your blogging website to promote affiliate products.

It appears and acts as a banner advertisement, for which you will continue to receive affiliate commissions on every sale.

32. Advertise Through Images: 

Image advertising is a demonetization strategy little known, but it all works the same.

I am not asking you here only for viewing content, which helps in promoting your service or product. There are many such companies, so in-image overlays help you to create ads such as AdMedia. 

The advantage of making this strategy is that the effect of the images is more than that of a simple article because the reader is more affected by the image ad.

33. Advertise Via Email: 

In blogging, posting ads via email is also a great source for users who are already familiar with your brand or blog. You can link to your product page by email to target those users. 

During this, you can also post in-text affiliate links or post links with advertisements whose main objective is to get more traffic. Just keep in mind that affiliate networks like Amazon Associates prohibit the inclusion of affiliate links in emails.

But you should not forget that there are some companies or firms that do not allow affiliate links to be added to affiliate network emails such as Amazon Associates etc.

You must also keep in mind that when posting emails, you must add something meaningful. You cannot post such emails again and again that the customer is already upset.

34. Pop-Up Advertisement: 

When it comes to making money in blogging, we should not ignore pop-up ads also because the pop-up link is also a good source to get traffic to your site no matter what it says.

Now, this depends on how a pop-up works on a blogging site? Let us tell you that less intrusive exit-intentioned pop-ups reduce the abandonment rate by increasing the sales of your product.

To use a pop-up advertisement, you have to resort to an ad network like Hilltop. If you want to design your pop-ups then you get a great opportunity to increase sales of products and services. 

Your creation of this pop-up link redirects your sales pages to get traffic. You are instructed not to practice it on Google at all because Google has prohibited it, which is punishable.

35. Create a Down-Selling Pop-Up: 

It happens quite often that you advise the customer that you buy this product, it is cheap for you but may be expensive. But it comes in handy when the sale is being closed, then it is right for you.

The biggest advantage of a down-selling pop-up is that it can deny the customers who are about to leave your sales page.

You can also imagine this – suppose a customer came to your sales page to make a purchase and closed until they reached the pricing, fulfilling all conditions.

Upon clicking the “Close” button, a down-selling popup suddenly gives them a cheaper option. It can also be a separate pricing plan with a low upfront cost, freebie inclusion, or special discounts.

36. Advertise on Your Podcast: 

If podcasts are a regular part of your content strategy, then you can place ads to increase your money-making ability.

We can also consider podcasts as one part of blogging that makes your content strategy even stronger. By using it you can increase your ability to earn money by posting advertisements.

On advertising, you can find hundreds of advertisers who will be ready to join you and will also give you advertisements like – PayPal and Nike are big names that are included in the list of big brands. 

When you start a podcast, these platforms can place 30 -60 other advertisements anywhere. Your compensation or payment will depend on your advertisements. Which can range from $ 15 to $ 25 per ad.

37. Show Ads Through URL Shortener Service:

There is no doubt that any blogger does not want to increase their advertising revenue if you want to, then you should think about Adf.ly because this website provides you with a lean shortener service.

If you adopt a link to this service, then the customer or user will not go directly to your sales page and take you to the advertisement given on that short link. You are paid based on the customers using that short link.

A shortened link can prove to be the most important link for you as there are more chances of clicking on such a link such as a ‘download’ link.

You can use shortened links even if you do not have much traffic, then these links can prove to be harmful to your user experience.

38. Monetize Your RSS Feed with Advertisements:

RSS feeds also cannot be ignored. It can also be used to post ads in blogging. If you want to monetize this then it can be done by displaying the banner to the readers.

An RSS feed is automated and helps to display new content, which is displayed as headlines and entire posts. It prefers to do a social media feed on your website in a compact and non-intrusive manner.

Working with Other Brands:

In blogging, generating a passive income is the dream – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you are dreaming of passive income from blogging then it is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Sometimes this happens when you cannot wait to make a strategy for passive income at all. If you want to make a passive income with blogging and you have time, then you can look at the methods I have suggested.

39. Writing Content for Other Websites: 

Since you are a blogger, it is safe to assume that you have a knack for writing web content. There is no denying that a blogger has a habit of writing web content.

There are many websites available that can join hands with you, which can provide you with income opportunities.

When your website gets a handful of readers, that is, you get good traffic, many brands that are looking for help can offer you offers. If this is not possible then you can also search for such brands on freelancing sites and use your blog as a portfolio.

40. Editing for Other Websites:

Interested in writing for other websites?

Are you interested in writing content for any other websites if you get offers? If you think that it takes too much time and you do not have enough time, then you can also do editing.

41. Run Sponsored Giveaways:

If your blog is getting enough traffic then you can also run a sponsored giveaway which you can get as an offer from relevant brands.

This can create deeper relations between you and your readers, which is a better opportunity for you and you should not lose it. It also affects your online living presence.

I am accepting sponsors. It is not enough for you to show this signal. If you want to reach the brand of your choice then you need to take the initiative to find sponsors.

If you want to join them, then you will be the appropriate source on social media, email, or phone. And if you have a big blog, then surely there are such brands who are ready to join or work with you, just you have to make connectivity with them.

42. Pay for Sponsored Tweets:

Blogging and social media marketing go hand in hand for this, you do not have to wait much.

If you are interested in doing both, then you can get more passive income. You can also earn good money from tweets on blogging. You can use your blog to create readers or viewers. 

You can convert the text of your blog into your tweeters and you get a chance to do that. You have a sponsorship platform that you can use to find sponsors.

43. Pay to Write a Guest Post:

Some time ago the guest post was considered an important part of SEO, but in modern SEO, guest posting has no place.

If you are interested in writing content and the publication you have done is right, then you deserve to be paid.

If you hope to offer fair compensation, you need to explore the websites in-depth with the help of your niche.

44. Request Payment for Guest Posts: 

Some is a blog that invites guest posts and offers them payment in exchange for that post.

We can say to these blogs that they serve the needs of link building work of other websites. The way you do this with your website, you need a solid SEO matrix.

If you can provide quality backlinks from your blog, then a guest post costs around $ 50, while the top websites that offer guest posts can charge $ 100 or more.

45. Accessing and Monetizing Instagram with Blog Support: 

You can earn money using Instagram in the same way you use Twitter to make money from blogs. Like Twitter, you also have to find sponsors of brands related to the blog on Instagram.

Instagram cannot be proven profitable in every field but Instagram is an impressive tax source for fashion and food blogging.

46. Do the Same with Pinterest: 

In terms of demonetization, Pinterest can also give you opportunities that you can get from Instagram and Twitter. If you want to monetize your blog then you can also use Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a more effective option than both Instagram and Twitter. Pinterest not only allows you to monetize as well as gives you the benefits of Instagram and Twitter.

You can also create sponsor pins and ads shopping pins in your blog. Allowing the user to shop directly.

And one thing you can share the affiliate link of Pinterest with affiliate marketing, there is no denial of any kind for this.

If you want more followers on Pinterest, then you can convert your blog’s viewers or readers into followers, which you can get more benefit from.

47. Promoted Payments on Facebook:

Many bloggers in the blogging world like Facebook on social media platforms. One of the main reasons for liking Facebook is the huge user base.

If you have a lot of followers and group members on your Facebook account then you need to do paid promotion which can be the main source of earning money for you. 

This can be anything from paid surveys, product launches, events, giveaways, and holiday sales.

48. Make Money with Press Trips: 

Press trips are a great option for demonetizing your blog.

A press trip is a well-organized journey in which a person is invited to a known destination. Press trips are all-expense-paid. All bloggers can, in turn, share their experiences with followers.

49. Become a Social Media Moderator: 

In this hyperconnected world, social media moderators are outnumbered. In the past, only one member in a house was active on social media, but now almost all members of the same family can be seen on social media.

Social media moderators perform tasks such as regulating comments and managing direct messages.

If you are also the owner of an active blog, you can make a profit by becoming a social media moderator. And with this, it helps further your blogging career.

50. Design Graphics for a Fee:

If you are reading this post of mine then you are probably a blogger. You may have some experience designing different graphics on your site. This includes logos, blog painted pictures, social media posts, infographics, or more.

You can also lend this skill to the owners of another website, in return for which you can earn good money. Along with this, you can also improve your visual content development skills.

51. Send Sponsored Email: 

You can sponsor any brand at any time, for this, you have countless ways.

A brand pays in exchange for exposing your blog’s mailing list.

If you approve it once, for the content of the email, the brand provides you with a full copy, which you edit to some extent. In the blog world, these sponsored emails are referred to as “single ads”.

52. Fees for Mentions in Your Podcast: 

Blogging career has another strategy to monetize your blog on which you can focus your attention. In this strategy, in addition to posting advertisements on your blog, you can ask your listeners to pay for podcasts.

 No matter whether your podcast is free or paid, your blog can be monetized with the help of sponsored mentions.

You can also do this by mentioning the product service of any brand as a radio advertisement for payment.

For this, after producing a podcast, you will have to focus all your attention on increasing viewership. Once your podcast gets the viewer’s attention, the brand will automatically offer you offers.

53. Pay Product Placement and Advertising in Your Video: 

Some bloggers insist on making money by including paid product advertisements in their advertising videos – specifically the tech, food, fashion industries.

You can add disclosure and place paid products on YouTube videos and some video streaming platforms. Provide satisfaction to your audience that you cannot face any kind of trouble with the brand you are working with.

54. Manage Other Websites: 

You can manage the blog with great fun, and at the same time, you can also ban any other blog for your benefit.

You have the opportunity that you can easily check the status of your website along with great ease. An independent website manager who can steal your precious time from your blogging work can prove to be a negative point for you.

You always have to remember that at the time or when you are managing a website, you have responsibilities equal to a ton of weight.

You are concerned about these things at the time, the site’s content strategy, SEO, performance optimization, security, community, and more.

55. Make Money Through Referrals: 

Refer and Earn Money is a method of earning money using your viewers and your social networks, in which you can earn money by sharing or linking to the Easy Way without much effort.

You have to share the link of some website to your audience. In this, earning Depends on your social networks, if your network is very good, then you will easily earn lacs rupees.

When a website is launched, it has a smaller number of users. Due to which its earning is also reduced, to increase it’s earning or user base, that website gives the option of Invite and Earn to its users.

Many new websites are using this method to increase their number of users and all websites are using this method to increase their user base, this is the benefit of both the company and the user.

56. Make Money with Medium Partner Program: 

A blogger starts his blog to provide important information and useful information to his readers. So that his readers can benefit from his blog.

The medium understands that the content you present is rewarded so that you can write better knowledgeable information and post it for viewers.

With their program, you can reach your blog through your readers and vice versa.

57. Publish Articles on Hub pages:

If you completely believe in your blog, then it is not right for you because it makes it difficult for readers to come to your blog.

You can also draw an audience base of Hub Pages for ball rolling while not using the medium.

Hub page contributors earn money by advertisements, so it is better not to spend much time promoting your submissions on your blog and social media accounts, even if you can promote your blog on Hub pages as well.

58. Generate Recurring Revenue with Ghost:

Is Your Revenue Not Trusted by Ads? And you want to get a medium option so that you can earn money from your blog. So, I will ask you to trust Ghost.

The money earned by designing the platform of Ghost depends on your readers that you are earning along with advertisements as well as the premium subscriptions offered through their site.

59. Fees for Cross-Promotion Opportunities:

Cross-promotion is simply a goal and making it a bit customizable for various social media networks. 

So, if you want to tell readers about an amazing article that you have just posted on your blog, then you will target your post to the readers who are most interested in that article and then you give your word a little bit Will optimize your promotional time to use

We all only have so many hours in a day. Cross-promotion helps you make the best use of social media marketing time at your disposal.

60. Earn Money for Category Sponsors: 

When your website becomes famous, more people will start to know, then big companies will contact you directly and say that you will review this product of ours and publish it on your blog, which they will pay some money and maybe the same for free. 

It depends on the company whether it gives you the same for free or not.

Just like every well-known YouTuber online companies contact to review their product (product), which in turn gives a lot of money. Many times, big companies also like the review.

61. Send Sponsored Posts to Your RSS Feed Subscribers:

If you are looking for sponsors, then you do not need to go anywhere else, for this you need to find websites based on subscriptions with RSS feeds. Your customers may also like to tap into Aadhaar.

As long as you own a website with a lot of customers, you can get revenue, but there may be a problem which is the websites or companies that advertise through RSS feeds are very difficult to find at this time.

62. Collaborate on a Webinar:

If you work on a brand or blog with Webinar, you can have many advantages.

Firstly, you can double your reach to any brand, and secondly, the webinar is capable of promoting both sides. In this, both you and your partner can share one email list here, which you can use in future promotions.

Let me explain to you that every blogger has 200 customers before you help. When you get both webinars, you and your partner will have 400 customers.

Indirect monetization strategies

Sometimes, blog monetization can occur outside of your site. There is no need to have a blog monetized within your site, it can also be that the blog can be monetized outside your site.

To create indirect monetization strategies, you will need more hard work and preparation than direct website monetization.

63. Develop Your App or Turn Your Website into One: 

If you are a web developer, then you can get a lot of benefits, that is, you can move towards profit. This is because you can invest in a home-brewed mobile app without wasting your time and without spending energy.

Initially, you can launch a free version of your app and later demand payment with an upgrade option. And along with this, you can sell your app by getting paid like online courses.

Many bloggers make money by converting their website into a mobile app by taking an easy route.

If you also want to do this then platforms like AppsGeyser and AppyPie are waiting for you where you can get a better start.

64. Create a Closed, Pay-Only Facebook Group: 

You can also create a special Facebook group for members to communicate between you and yourself.

You can create a group on Facebook that both you and your blog members can use to interact, that is, where you can communicate between you.

You know that I am also working on this queen hood. I have also created a similar group on Facebook called Private Master Blogging Community where I and my readers interact with each other.

You can make a profit by collecting feedback, asking for suggestions, and promoting new articles.

65. Ask for Donations Through Patreon:

Some people in this world give donations only as long as they are benefiting or getting the facility from that platform. Donation stops as soon as their facility is closed.

If I can tell you as an example, Patreon is the only brand that provides a good source of income through donations from website owners, creators, gamers, and non-profits.

66. Use Your Blog to Promote Your Offline Events: 

If you are already an experienced public speaker, you do not have to wait for the right event to come to you.

As far as I am thinking, if you have experience as a public speaker then you do not need to wait, you can start work immediately. For this, you cannot depend on the right time.

You can plan to go out and start your offline program.

But yes, you cannot call it an easy way to monetize the blog, yet it is most beneficial.

67. Use Your Blog to Promote Your Parking Space for Rent:

If you want to get money from one side, then you can rent your driveway which can give you the way to income and it is only for the owners of those websites then stay in the metro.

But one negative point of this strategy is that not everyone can run or implement it, yet it has its advantage.

If you want your parking lot to be more promoted, for this you can make a website like PaveMint which is best for mobile users.

68. Launch Paid Newsletter Series:

Newsletters have also been considered a good source of earning money in blogging because Newsletters are a versatile tool that is mostly used for lead generation, content promotion, Aru General Communication.

Some bloggers use newsletters to demonetize their blogs.

You see how many paid newsletters come to our country or city. The use of newsletters has not started yet, they are being used much earlier. 

Whenever you want to launch your newsletters, first of all, you have to decide that the first moto of whatever newspaper comes in the market is to reach the people with attractive, useful and important information so that their newspaper is popular.

 Go But still, you are instructed to know that someone is successful in this scheme.

69. Turn Your Blog into a Business and Attract Investors: 

Here’s a quick fact: Unless you consider your blog a business, you won’t achieve lasting success with any monetization strategy.

Here I would like to tell you that if you want to monetize your blog, then you have to accept your blog business as it is a fact that unless you make any work as your business, then you cannot succeed in it.

If you change your blog to the SaaS Business website, then you will need to do some work on it for which you will have to present the potential backer’s package.

If you are willing to do this then I would advise you to visit and look at projects running on platforms like Kickstarter like Crowdfunding.

70. Sell Your Customized Blog Theme:

Whenever you develop or design any kind of custom theme for your blog or website, I say you can also sell it.

Whatever WordPress bloggers are, they use this method the most because it is an open-source and highly popular blogging platform that is used on a large scale.

Even if a blogger is not able to do it properly, by developing a custom theme itself and creating and packaging its code well, you can sell it on the marketplace like ThemeForest.

71. Sell Your Stock Photography: 

Are you a photography blogger? Even if you are not, no one can do it because you can earn money even by doing stock photography. If you search the Internet, you will find many bloggers who use their pictures on the blog. 

Usually, these pictures of these bloggers are painted. You can post pictures on one of these topics on your blog such as travel, technology, fitness, cooking, and much more photography.

If you are thinking of working with photography on your blog then I will suggest you go with the Getty Images website which provides you money in exchange for pictures. There are many more websites on the Internet that you can use to make money.

72. Stream on Twitch: 

Some people are not considering that over time there is going to be more competition on other sites with monetization programs like Twitch and YouTube. 

It sounds to me like these new features are meant to level the playing field so that the community is not completely dominated by a single voice. Previously when webcomics and blogs about video games first started popping up, no one thought you could monetize.

 Maybe you can throw some ads, or a PayPal donation button, but maybe it will only cover server costs. After that, it was easy to create an audience because no one was creating content, and because of that, there was a lot of breath-taking content.

We now have more platforms than ever before; computers and software are more powerful and easier to use. Able to survive through their creative output, even when it comes to video games, they should feel that they are capable of.

73. Contribution to Canva: 

The best graphic design tool for non-designers is Canva. It gets hundreds of document templates and millions of images for use. Canva serves as an entry point for those who have started graphic design.

 It’s the professional level that works on adding an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface with editing, making everything from simple header images to infographics effortless.

Along with creating your scenes, Canva is also a design school where you get to learn how to create excellent scenes. 

If you want to make flyers, graphics for your blog, header images, social media banners, and infographics, you can create by resorting to Canva.

Canva graphic designing tool also hosts a large collection of images and fonts to choose from. But most of the features and images are free and you do not have to pay any charge. 

It also has premium options that you can purchase at a $ 12.95 starting rate per month.

74. Create and Sell Your WordPress Plugin: 

This option is only useful for those bloggers who know PHP, i.e. those bloggers who know PHP can take advantage of this option.

It is for sure that if you want to earn passive income on your blogging website, then you will need to attract or concentrate to create and sell WordPress plugins. 

And to promote your plugins, you can use market places like CodeCanyon which are always available on the market or the Internet.

75. Automate the Previous Customer’s Email:

There are many email marketing platforms like ActiveCampaign that allow you to configure automated re-engagement emails to your former customers.

Discount codes link to products or a reminder to customers to renew a subscription by automating your email. Because they have a shopping experience with you, therefore any offers you give them in-store should be more receptive.

Keep in mind that you are working with this strategy in an effective way to maintain a customer base and cash flow with more sales.

76. Automating Email to New Customers: 

This is a quick way to squeeze more money from your customers.

If you want to earn more and more money from your customers then you can go with this option.

Suppose your customers have just bought some goods, yet it may also be that they are again in the mood for shopping. On this, you automate and capitalize on an attractive and enticing email that contains products related to which they can buy.

You can then do a simple email workflow that can be configured in Snap with an enabled email marketing platform.

77. Send Cart Abandonment Email to Recover Lost Sales: 

Bloggers who are associated with e-commerce or work with it, if they are asked to abandon the cart, will not do it quickly, because bloggers related to e-commerce consider it a great thing to abandon the cart.

Automating emails by abandoning carts is a good tax way to increase your income, which can recover any sales you have made.

We can find out from its name that what is the importance of automatic cart abandonment email in our blogging career. Sending such emails to the customer means that the customer leaves the carted item on your website just like that. 

The main reason for this could be that either the customer’s internet connection has been lost or he has lost his interest in searching for this item. You can send such emails to them to increase interest or check for that item.

78. Encourage Customers to Shop with Birthday Discounts: 

If you are running your blogging website with the motive of selling the product, then you should take special care of when and on what occasion the customer is marketing your website.

There are many special occasions when a buyer makes a purchase such as – wedding, marriage, engagement, birthday, etc. 

By capturing such opportunities through lead generation, on any of those occasions, you can provide a discount offer to the customer.

79. Crowdfund Your Podcast: 

Many podcast users in blogging careers use Crowdfunding. So that their business and process can get maximum benefit.

If you are already on Patreon, you need to remind your audience through a podcast for which you can make some points. If you want to get more support for your business then you can encourage additional episodes. And with this, a lot is available for live Q&A.

80 Try Your Hand at Website Flipping:

This means that if you are going to flip websites continuously then a person can remain static. Because of the websites, you flip, this will not mean that you need to flip before you start one website on the other side.

Practicing a flipping website means that you can use various strategies to get many good results at times. About the income stream. Changing the business. The concept behind running a website is not nearly all that complicated.

81. Buy and Sell Empty Domains:

We can call domain flipping the form of a flipping website. The only difference in these is that whenever you buy a domain name, there is no need to connect to a real site.

You can make more profit by purchasing a domain and building a functional website on it. If you want to increase the rate of your website, then SEO can invest it in health.

If you buy and keep the domain name with you according to this strategy, then its value can also increase with time. Under this strategy, you can look for domains that are concise, memorable, brand-worthy, and available from SEO metrics.

82. Sell Your Blog:

If you want to sell a blog to make a profit then there is an idea for you.

No blogger can ever be happy with the results from their website, this proves that you would like to start with a clean slate in a new place.

As a result of which you want to sell your blog, then your decision is appropriate. And if you want to do this, you can trust marketplaces like Flippa and Empire Flippers.

Make Money Blogging – Frequently Asked Questions:

Can all blogs be monetized?

Yes, no matter how a blog is, you can monetize everything, whether those blogs are created from Wix, WordPress, or any other platform.

You can monetize your blog properly as long as there is good traffic coming to your blog.

How Much Money Can Bloggers Make?

Any blogger can earn up to $ 1 million every month but some bloggers can also earn up to $ 5 million a month like Ramit Sethi who is among the top bloggers in the world today. In blogging, you cannot earn millions in a few months or years, but you will earn money with this belief.

What are the best ways to monetize a blog in 2021?

If you want to monetize your blog then I would suggest you start blogging with affiliate marketing, consultants for hire, selling product or service, etc. These tactics are capable of earning money and bringing traffic.

How are bloggers paid?

Bloggers get paid by check, wire transfer, and gift card, but the most popular route is PayPal.


I hope that you will get help to monetize your blog with this article from me.

Ready to start monetizing your blog?

If you want a list of the top strategies to monetize the blog, then I can do it for you.

Do your work from top to bottom, focusing on one thing at a time. I promise you that one day you will get success in blogging.

If you have any queries or questions of any kind in this blog, then you can ask me in the comment box. I will help you with the solution as soon as possible.

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