Blogging Vs YouTube: Good Source to Make Money (2021)

Now a days people are becoming increasingly involved in the race to earn money online. An online business-like Mano is spreading rapidly.


Today’s content is based on the question that is asked by every person who wants to earn money online. 


The same question always comes in the mind of those people, which is the best source to earn money online in blogging and YouTube.


At the beginning of this content, I would like to discuss with you that whenever we talk about online work or earning money, first we see only two options and we have to select one of these, but we remain confused Let’s choose which option.


But the truth is that we do not even know what will be the better option, for which we take advice from a lot of people and also search online or in search engines.


Today I have brought this content for you to solve your problem that you should start from either blogging or YouTube to earn money online or which option is a good source for earning money online.

1. Blogging vs YouTube: Points to Make Money Online

Blogging vs YouTube

Both YouTube and blogging get priority when it comes to earning money online.

Both of them are considered to be good sources of earning money online. Both need to be accepted.

If you have writing skills then you can start blogging. The best thing is that along with blogging, you can also start a YouTube channel.

You don’t have to do much. Create a video from the content that you have prepared for your blogging and upload it to the YouTube channel.

I am telling you this because blogging and YouTube are both two sides of the same coin.

Before we start both blogging through YouTube, we get a little information about them. 

After reading the entire content, you will decide whether you want to start both or one of them.

Now we will know about YouTube vs Blogging, what is the importance of both in making money online? 

2. What is YouTube?


There is no shortage of people who earn money and name on YouTube, any of your things can be liked by the audience.

There are many examples of this – cooking tips, songs, music, movies, home remedies, online teaching videos, etc.

You must know that many people are making money on YouTube, but doing so is not easy. Especially when you are starting out.

It is not necessary that you have to dance or dance to come to YouTube. You can share whatever skills you have on YouTube.

Tips: When you start a YouTube channel, you should not think about money at all, but try to connect your audience.

If you are successful, the money will come to you.

YouTube is a platform based on Google where you share or watch millions of videos.

Let us tell you that there are some videos that we cannot upload or watch on YouTube which are completely forbidden.

According to the data, more than 5 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube and almost 3 million visitors are received daily. 

You cannot upload videos to YouTube without creating a channel.

You can also create your own channel on YouTube in just five minutes. All you need is a Gmail account.

YouTube: Opportunities to Make Money

There are many people on YouTube who make a lot of money. There are some of them who earn 10 lakh or more in a month. 

There are some steps through which the chances of earning money are increased –

YouTube Channel:

To earn YouTube money, you have to create your own channel through which you can upload videos to YouTube. 

To create a YouTube channel, you need a Gmail account. Your channel name should be simple and specific, which makes it easy for people to connect and remember.

Video Content Upload: 

After creating a YouTube channel, you have to upload the video content but while uploading, keep in mind that the video is original and the best quality.


Your audience is the main source of revenue on YouTube. Do you know that according to research, a video with 1000 views earns up to 100 rupees? 

Remember, you do not have to let your audience fall at any cost, prepare only the best quality content for them. You can also take the help of social media to increase the audience.

Video monetization: 

As mentioned above, you can also make money by monetizing your videos.

Google AdSense: 

After you check the Monetization Option in your YouTube Channel, you will have to link your YouTube channel to Google AdSense, the option of which is available in Monetization Settings on YouTube. 

Google AdSense shows related ads on your videos and whenever a viewer clicks on it, you get money.

Affiliate marketing and sponsored videos:

You can also earn from affiliate marketing and sponsored videos. Because nowadays there are many companies that do affiliate marketing for their products.

3. What is blogging?


As you know blogging is similar to YouTube, the only difference is that you upload videos on YouTube and on blogging you share your content in writing.

The level of blogging is very large where you create content to share your information with people.

In blogging, you also work to reach your ideas to people, these ideas can also be like your personal life, diagnosis of someone’s problem.

You can also do marketing through blogging, say that you can also promote a product for a company.

Some people are confused that it is very difficult to start blogging.

See there is nothing like this you don’t need to be confused. 

You can feel free to create your blog in 15 only, that too for free.

Let me tell you there are two types of blogs – free blog and paid blog.

In a free blog, you do not have to make any kind of payment, it is absolutely free, you can make it through any blog created website like – WordPress

In the paid blog you will find additional features such as – Own Domain (the domain name of your choice), and also additional features.

Blogging: earning money

There is no limit to earning money from blogging. You can earn more money than expected. 

Some bloggers mislead you that there should be so much traffic on your blog every day.

 But there is nothing like that, if 1000 visitors visit your blog daily, then they are your targeted visitors. 

You can make more money than YouTube. Whereas you have more than 1 million visitors on YouTube.

There are many other ways to earn money on blogging such as Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sportsmanship, etc.

Blogging: Opportunities to Make Money

As I have lived before, blogging gives you lots of opportunities to earn money.

These include AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, Direct Ads Placement, etc.

Let’s get a little information about them –


This is a very good advertising program on the Internet that works by placing ads on blogs or websites.

If seen, there are many unique programs on the Internet but you will find that Google AdSense is the best program.

Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing is a way through which a blogger earns commission by selling the company’s products through its website. The commission depends on the type of product.

Let me tell you that fashion is more on freestyle and less on electronic products.

Sponsorship: It means that whenever a company helps you in doing your work, that too by giving some money or on the basis of your pride of the company, take your help to reach your name and you in return Give money

Simply let the company promote or promote your product or your name.

Direct Ads Placements, Other ads networks and info links, etc.

Till now we were reading about how to make money or the opportunity to earn money from YouTube and blogging.

4. Parallels (Blogging vs YouTube )


There are a lot of similarities between YouTube vs blogging that link them to each other or that shows that these two are two sides of the same coin.

Let us see some points which show similarity in these –

Basic material

It is decided that whether you create a YouTube channel or start blogging you will need original content for both.

You also need a niche for YouTube and blogging.

The biggest similarity is that you can also make videos on YouTube on the same topic or topic on which you are blogging, according to you.

Learning more or learning

On both platforms, you have to increase your eagerness to learn. Because both bring something new every day.

It is very important to have proper knowledge about the niche of both YouTube or blogging.

And at the same time, it is very important to know how easily you can explain the content that you have written or uploaded.

The most important thing is that you should know what kind of content is being demanded, you should prepare related content.

Otherwise, the chances of loss in both ways are increased. Now it depends on you what you want.

Hard work required

YouTube and blogging are both time-consuming platforms. Whenever you work on it, then you have to work for hours, what kind of content should be prepared so that your content can get ranking.

To prepare the content of both, you have to do research that can make your content even more reliable.

Take more time for results

Both YouTube and blogging are more time-consuming platforms for generating results. When you upload videos or blog posts, there is hardly a visitor to your content, but if your content is right for SEO, then no one can stop visiting your content.

Investment (YouTube vs Blogging)

You can start both YouTube and blog for free in the beginning. On YouTube, you can make videos on any content like – Mobile, headphones, shoes, books, and more.

And for the blog also you can use any content but for blogging, you have to use which provides free service.

When you come to the visitors, you can also use the paid version, in this, you will get extra features in both which will help you a lot in bringing the traffic.

Use to earn money (YouTube vs Blogging)

For both, you may have to invest something like YouTube’s mic, good camera, lights, etc.

A self-hosted blog for blogging which is the fully paid version.

Both platforms provide you a lot of opportunities to earn money, just you should know how to work with them.

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5. Difference between Blogging vs YouTube


You can see that in the table below I have tried to show or understand the difference between YouTube vs blogging, hopefully, you will understand.


On YouTube, you can only upload video content and no other content.

You cannot design this platform of YouTube itself; it is designed only by YouTube.

You do not have to spend any time to create or upload videos on YouTube nor to host.

You can create your own channel on YouTube, but it has the right on Google, Google can remove your channel whenever you want. Most of the time this does not happen unless a problem is created.

There is a lot of work to be done on YouTube while more on blogging.

You can use Google AdSense as an advertising network on YouTube.


In the beginning, you can take a free domain on for blogging, but for extra features, you will have to use the paid version.

In blogging, you can create any type of content on it, video, image, text, audio, etc.

In blogging, you can do any kind of design with the help of plugins and themes.

If you do the hosting yourself, then you own that hosting, it cannot be owned by anyone else.

You are eligible for more choice on YouTube than you can make money on the blog.

Using a blog is a little tricky.

I am confident that whatever confusion was in your mind or mind must have gone away and you may have seen the difference between YouTube vs blogging.

Here we will discuss another specific thing –

6. Can you do both (YouTube & Blogging) together or not?


After understanding this much, you must have known that how blogging and YouTube have their own importance.

Blogging is a platform where there is no limit to earning money. And YouTube is no more work than this, through this we can work to connect with people.

Now the question comes whether the two cannot be worked together –

Absolutely both can be worked on simultaneously if you are interested.

You have to work hard to work on both platforms.

The most special thing is that through YouTube, people who are connected to you, you can send those people to your blog.

There are chances of benefiting from it in two ways: first traffic and second earning


I hope that after reading this content (Blogging vs YouTube) you will feel free to have any doubt in your mind as to what to start and how to do. You can choose either one platform or both.

If you still have any questions in your mind, then you can feel free to ask me by commenting and you have no need to hesitate.

I pause my article with the hope that after reading this article you will be encouraged to choose one of these platforms.

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