Should I Start a Blog? 11 BIG Reasons Why You Should?

Do you want to start your blog? 


If yes, then you must know some important terms before start a blog. 


What are those terms?


In this article, I have tried to introduce you to all these terms.


Hope you get encouragement for blogging by knowing the points given below.


Let us know about these points:

Should I start a blog?

In response to this question, I would like to say that first, you have to be aware that why do you want to start a blog?

There are many reasons to start a blog like – to earn money, to promote your business, you like to write, you want to become a journalist and many more.

Through this article, I will provide you with information about the 11 points, which plays a very important role in your blog. This blog post of mine is more important for people who want to earn money through blogs and open their business paths.

In this post, you have mainly focused on two points why we should make a blog and what are the right ways to start a blog?

If you want to learn blogging, click here to start a blog, and you will find step by step instruction to start blogging.

Whenever you start a blog, first read the blogging instructions. You don’t need to start a blog now, but you can start whenever you want.

Now you will know about 11 points which will prove useful for starting a blog.

1. Earning money from blogging

Earning money from blogging ​

Do you know that money can earn money with blogging? 

Blogging is the best way to earn money. You earn money by writing your thought or knowledge. 

Many people earn thousands or millions of dollars by blogging. And at the same time, it is also true that some people are living their lives through blogging.

  • Blogging is an art of writing. If you have this art, then you too can earn money by blogging.
  • Although you will have a slight problem, in the beginning, you should not stop blogging due to low traffic.
  • You keep blogging continuously as your visitors will increase, your blogging income will also increase.
  • I understand you by giving me my example – When I started writing blogs, I only had 50 to 100 visits per month, and I was doing a lot of work on my blog, but I did not give up and kept posting blogs constantly.
  • I realised some of my mistakes and started posting content with even more updates. And now I have thousands of visitors, due to which I started making my blog as a money-making machine.
  • You will also be surprised to know that 10 famous multimillion-dollar dollars are bloggers all over the world.

2. Blogging is Easy

Before starting blogging, it seems that blogging will be difficult, but trust me, it is not. Blogging is very easy.

Some part of blogging is difficult, but that too is not so difficult.

With WordPress, you don’t have to build a website or struggle with HTML.

It would help if you stayed away from everything that spoils your time and which is not interesting.

You can write a blog just by customizing the theme and adding a few plugins. Once you start writing a blog, you will understand everything that you have to do and what not.

3. Google Loves Blogs

Once you create a blog, your blog needs to index in search engines like Google. As a result, you’ll start receiving traffic from search engines when your post starts ranking.

When your post starts ranking in the search engine, you’ll get the number of visitors to your blog.

You may be aware that to rank in the search engine, your content should be unique and knowledgable.

4. Blogging enhances your personality.

Blogging also enhances your personality. When you start writing on a blog, some change comes to your memory and communication along with your writing skills.

Blogging has a lot of importance in your life; it is like that plus point in your life, which makes the dignity of your life high.

Many times in Digital Marketing, it happens that whenever an employer hires an employee, he tries to hire only employees who have a blog.

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5. Blogging helps others

With the help of the blog, you can also help others. Your blogging content should be full of information and knowledge.

You must have noticed that some people find a solution to their problem on the Internet. If you have a solution for them, then you can also become an expert for them through your blog.

You can also create a blog according to the information around you, what kind of problems are there around me that people use the Internet to find.

People have a lot of problems that they search on the Internet instead of finding solutions from their close or relative. You can get a lot of benefit from this.

6. Self-promotion and New Opportunities

The blog acts as a tool or channel for you to promote you like an expert.

People start respecting you when you post content with important information on the blog.

An employer or businessman can also contact you directly to write a blog for their product or to promote the product through your blog.

This will open up your employment opportunities even more.

7. Use the blog to stay in touch

If for some reason your relatives or friends are not in contact with you, then you do not need to panic.

It happens very often that if your friend or relative is away from you on Facebook or other social media or is not in touch with you, then you can also get in touch with him through a blog.

Maybe those people will be inspired to read your blog and contact you.

They will get to know about your activities and your thoughts through a blog.

8. You Can Make World a Better Place

Do you know the blog also works as your voice?

You can spread all the things you love in the whole world. Maybe some changes in the world are possible with those things.

A blog is like your voice that you can think of as more powerful than a news channel.

You can do the work of making the society or the world aware through a blog, that too in a calm manner. You can spread your blog through social media also worldwide, which can greatly increase your traffic and visits.

9. To Grow your business with the help of Blog

Do you have your own business?

If yes, have you created a blog for your company?

If not, hurry up and make a blog for your company too.

Because today is the era of the Internet, now, digital marketing has started happening, which is continuously increasing.

The blog also helps you in growing your business. With the help of blogs, customers are attracted to your product.

Some businessmen look for bloggers to promote their business and deal with them to write blogs to magnify their business, which may be the best option for you.

Grow your business

10 Blogging can Become your Hobby

Do you know that blogging can also become your hobby?

Let our know-how:

If you are free and you keep browsing throughout the day on the Internet, then I would suggest you do blogging. Blogging can be beneficial for you.

Positive results will start appearing shortly after starting the blog. You might get to learn something new in blogging. And you will also gain some experience.

If you start blogging, then you will benefit, not a loss.
This means that there is nothing to lose in blogging, rather it will benefit you.

11. Blogging Helps to Improve Writing and Argumentation Skills (extra)

You know that there is no age limit for writing blogs. No matter what age, a person can make a blog.

But some things have special importance like writing, grammar, communication, reasoning skills, etc.

If you have the quality of all these things, then your blog can be brought up in the rankings.

Blogging has had a huge impact on my life. Ever since I started writing blogs, I have grown in confidence.

The more time you spend on blogging, the more you will benefit.

Some interesting facts

80% of US online consumers rely on information from blogs.


There are approximately 130 million active blog readers in the US right now.


Blogging is most popular in the age group of 20 – 35 years. It is more than 50% of the total blogging population.


90% of blog-making companies have acquired at least one customer (probably too many) through blogging.


61% of US online consumers shop based on recommendations from a blog.


I hope that whatever information I have given you in this content will give you a new direction in starting a blog.

Blogging has become a passion of today. Everyone wants to blog and make money. But having the right guidelines only makes the blog interesting.

The blog also helps you improve your personality, writing skills, communication, grammar, etc.

Start a blog today, and promote your career.

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